About LashBee

LashBee provides safer, more natural-looking and higher quality semi-permanent eyelash extensions. 

Co-founders Anjali and Erin started LashBee because they love waking up every morning with extensions (#iwokeuplikethis) and wanted to share this love.  They used their science + business background to create a beauty company dedicated to developing the best products and an experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

Our Philosophy

As LashBee, we are deeply dedicated to lash safety.  We have two engineers focused on selecting and developing the best possible lash extension and lash lift products.  We rigorously test all products before they come near a client.  In addition, our stylists go through extensive training (3+ months!) for lash application and are highly educated in lash health.

LashBee is different from the typical lash spot - we have a strong focus on enhancing one's natural beauty. We have carefully chosen the softest, highest quality extensions, and we are experts in selecting the best lash look for your facial structure and eye shape.  We customize the lash shaping and style for each client.  Our clients are amazed at how their LashBees make their eyes pop but the extensions are not obvious.  You're in great hands with LashBee stylists!