Membership Fees:

Membership fees will be charged on the day of enrollment and that month's membership time can be used immediately.  The membership will renew each month on the same date as originally enrolled (for example, if you register on the 5th of the month, your next membership charge will go through on the 5th of the following month).

Additional Fill Time:

After using up your allotted fill time in a given month, you are welcome to book additional fill time.  Simply book as you normally would, and we will apply your 10% membership discount at checkout!

After-care Products Purchases: 

Members-only pricing (10% off) will be applied at checkout.

Referral Program:

Members are eligible to receive a $10 bonus for each client they refer who books a full set.  This bonus will be applied to the following month's membership fee (e.g., a referral received in September will reduce October's membership fee by $10).

Additional Promotions:

Unless otherwise indicated, additional discounts are not applicable to membership services.

Upgrade / Downgrade Membership:

To upgrade or downgrade your membership level, simply log in to your account and make the change.  Haven't registered for an account?  Drop us a note at and we'll set you up for the next billing cycle.


To cancel your membership, either log in to your account or please notify us in writing 5 business days before the next billing cycle.  We can be reached at