What to Expect Going into your Lash Appointment

So you've finally made the decision to get eyelash extensions and book the appointment! You must be excited! Now what? We're going to walk you through three tips on how to prepare for your appointment and what will happen during it so you get the best results possible.

1.  Get a sense of what you would like!

At LashBee, each full set starts with a consultation during which we'll ask you questions to understand the look you are hoping for. We'll recommend a set based off of your goals and what is best for your natural lashes and face/eye shape.

If you have a sense of what you'd like, we always recommend bringing reference photos for inspiration! Go through the salon's look book or Instagram to see what you like (or even dislike). Please keep in mind that your stylist will only give you a look that your natural lashes can handle.  You may want a super long, dramatic look, but this cannot always be done safely given the length/strength your natural lashes.  Come in with inspiration but also listen to the expert advice of your stylist since every person's face shape and lashes are different!  Overall, we recommend starting more natural since you always can continue to ramp up in drama in your fills.  

2.  Come clean.

Beautiful lashes take time and require proper care! Come to your appointment makeup free, if possible. LashBee has cleansers available for washing off makeup and your stylist will do a cleanse as well, but you don't want to cut into your appointment time! Extensions need to attach fully to the surface of your lashes for the best bond.  Avoid adding anything to your lashes (eyeliner, mascara, etc) for at least 24 hours after. 

3. Plan your day out.

Depending what type of set you book, this appointment can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours. Make sure to block out enough time in your schedule for the full appointment time and park somewhere with longer parking times!  Also, your lashes need to stay DRY for 24 hours post extensions. This means no shower, sweating, rain, crying, or anything else. The adhesive that holds the lashes on take a full 24 hours to dry properly, and any moisture can affect this bond. 


Ready to book your set? Check out our options at LashBee.com/Lashes.  You are also always welcome to come in for a complimentary consultation to ask any questions!